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Do you have any questions when it comes to the CPCCOHS1001A: Occupational Health & Safety construction induction card ( National White Card) or the 39291 QLD Course in Preparation for Owner Builder Permit?

Below you'll find some questions and answers that might help. Should you have a question that is not mentioned here, please do contact us and we will be able to assist.



Q: Is The Peach Institute a nationally recognised training organisation?

Yes. Our national registration code is 31822.

The Peach Institute is a Registered Training Organisation established in 2008. You can check if a training organisation is registered by conducting a search in the National Training Information Service Database.

Q: Where can I find a Justice of the Peace?

Most Real Estate Agents or Police Stations have a Justice of the Peace present.
To find a Justice of the Peace near you, click here.

Q: I lost my certificate (Owner Builder Statement of Attainment / White Card) can I receive a reprint?

Yes. We can re-issue certificates for a small fee. Please contact us to arrange for a replacement.


White Card related questions:

Q: When do I need a 'White Card' (formally Blue Card)?

A: Any persons wishing to carry out construction type work requires the "White Card", even if you are working on your own home, renovating or helping others on their home or construction site.

Q: What is "construction type" work?

Construction type work means:

You can find out more about what construction work means and when a Occupational Health & Safety construction induction card ( National White Card) is required by clicking  here (pdf, 80kb).

Q: Does the "White Card" have an expiry Date?

No. So far the Government has not set an expiry date for the White Card .

Q: Is there a minimum age to complete the "White Card" course?

No. There is no minimum age one must have to complete the course and hold the White Card. For example: Should a nine year old person wish to mow the lawn and prepare a site for construction work, this would already require the nine year old to have completed the Occupational Health & Safety construction induction card (National white card)

Q: I live in QLD but I work in VIC, WA, SA and NSW. Is my "White Card" recognised?

Yes. Persons who have completed the Occupational Health & Safety construction induction card (National white card) Course in Queensland can use the "White Card" anywhere in Australia.

Q: Who can complete the "White Card" Course with The Peach Insitute or any other provider in QLD?

Any persons who require evidence of construction induction for the purpose of performing construction work in Australia.

Q: Why do I need to send you a certified copy of ID when I complete the White Card Course?

As of 1st January 2008 the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations & Workplace Health and Safety has added special conditions to the White Card Course. To provide a certified copy of your Identification (for example drivers licence, student Card etc) is a security requirement that should help prevent false signatures to be added to the White Card. Every Training Provider needs to comply with this requirement.  Click here to find a Justice of Peace in your area (QLD only). Students outside Australia wishing to come to Australia to work in the construction industry must provide a certified passport photo instead of a drivers licence

Q: Do I have to wait for my White Card to arrive in the mail before I can start work?

No. You can provide a copy of the Statement of Attainment which includes the White Card Number as proof of having successfully completed the safety induction.

Q: Has the White Card replaced the Blue Card?

Yes. As of 1st July 2009 the 30215 QLD Course in General Safety Induction (Construction Industry - Blue Card) has been replaced by the Course: Occupational Health & Safety construction induction card (National white card) .

Q: What happens to the old 'Blue Cards"?

Queensland construction workers will not be required to replace their blue cards as they will continue to be valid and recognised (just like the White Cards)

Q: Is it true that there are two “Blue Cards” in Queensland?

Yes. The card one received upon successfully completing the 30215 QLD Course in General Safety Induction is referred to as the “Blue Card” and then there is the “Child Blue Card”. These two cards have nothing in common. Information on the “Child Blue card” can be obtained from the Commission for Children and Young People: http://www.ccypcg.qld.gov.au/ or by calling 1800 113 611.


Owner Builder related questions:

Q: A builder quoted my project to cost more than $11000, but I can do it for much less. Do I need to do the Owner Builder Course?

Yes, you will need to complete the 39291 QLD Course in Preparation for Owner Builder Permit. If a builder would quote you $11000 including GST, material and labour for the job, then you would require the Owner Builder permit, no matter at what amount you personally can do the work.

Q: Why do I need Owner Builder Insurance?

Have a look at this article from June/July 2008

Q: Did the Owner Builder course have a different number once?

Yes. The Owner Builder Course used to have the number "39045". It changed to 39219 Course in Preparation of Owner Builder Permit in mid 2007 and currently is 39291 Course in Preparation of Owner Builder Permit.

Q: Was the Owner Builder Course once called: 39045QLD Course in Preparation of Owner Builder Permit?

Yes. The Owner Builder Course used to have the number "39045". Since mid 2007 the course is officially called "39291 Course in Preparation of Owner Builder Permit".

Q: Can I ask somebody else to complete the Owner Builder Permit Course on may behalf?

No. As of July 2009 the BSA is no longer allowing Third Party Exemptions. To be eligible to apply for an Owner Builder Permit, you must be listed on the Title.

Q: Can I apply for another Owner Builder Permit within six years?

The QBCC cannot issue an owner builder permit if a permit has been issued to the same applicant within
the previous six (6) years unless the QBCC is satisfied there are special circumstances for issuing the
permit. If you are applying for another building permit within six years of obtaining the first permit
you are required to apply for exemption from the six-year ruling. The application for this is available from the QBCC or by clicking  here.

Q: Can I add work to my original Owner Builder Permit?

If you have forgotten to include work in the original permit or if there are changes to the plan before
or during the construction, you can add or change the description of work or the value of work
x provided it is within six months from the date of issue of the permit. The application for this is available from the QBCC or by clicking here.

Q: I am thinking of becoming an Owner Builder but don't want to build myself. Can I hire others to do the work for me?

Yes, you have the right to hire any person (subcontractor) to complete your project.

Q: How long is the Owner Builder Statement of Attainment valid for?

The Statement of Attainment is valid for five (5) years. You therefore have five (5) years time to submit your application to become an Owner Builder to the QBCC.

Q: Where can I get a current Certificate of Title from?

From the Department of Natural Resources and Mining (www.nrm.qld.gov.au) / Phone 07 3405 6900 /
Fax: 07 3225 1739

Q: Can I be exempt from completing the Owner Builder Permit Course?

Yes. If you fall within one of the categories listed on the QBCC application form (available from the QBCC or by clicking here) you can apply for exemption. Should none of the categories apply to you then you will have to complete an approved Owner Builder Course before an Owner Builder Permit can be issued.


Q: How do I calculate wind loads?

To calculate wind loads - Australian Standard AS4055 wind loads for housing go to www.stegbar.com.au select "Our Services" then "Resource Centre". From there click on "Technical Information", then "Australian Standards" and then "AS4055 Wind Loads for Housing". The following pages will give you an indication as to what the wind loading will be. You will note that wind loading is almost totally dependent on the topography surrounding the house.

Q: How much is the First Home Owner Grant?

Information on the availability and application forms for the First Home Owner Grant can be found on the Office of State Revenue's Website


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